Primary key table insert data failed with timeout? Help me

Here’s the table build statement, and insert statement I used.

After successfully creating the table, it took a long time to execute using the insert statement without success.

Please help me to see what is the problem.

CREATE TABLE orders1 (
    order_id bigint NOT NULL,
    user_id INT NOT NULL,
    good_id INT NOT NULL,
    cnt int NOT NULL,
    revenue int NOT NULL
PRIMARY KEY (order_id)
    "enable_persistent_index" = "true"

insert into orders1 values(1, 2, 3, 4, 5);

Below is a screenshot of my starrocks operation using dbeaver.

I’m using a mirror deployment: starrocks/fe-ubuntu:branch-3.2

You can’t just use the FE. You have to have a full deployment of StarRocks. I would recommend you use the allin1 quickstart container.

Thanks, this has been resolved. Specifically, it was because the storage was not configured in the architecture of the storage-computing separation, and this area needed to be set to false

    "enable_persistent_index" = "false"
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