When load a parquet file, cannot rename/concate map fileds in the ETL (i.e. SET statement)

the parquet file has several map fields (such as map1, map2). During the load as below:
load label=…
INTO table …
FORMAT AS “parquet”
(…map1, map2…)
SET(map11=map1, map22=map_concat(map1,map2),…)

It always complain with error msg:
type:ETL_RUN_FAIL; msg:Cannot cast ‘<slot 37>’ from VARCHAR to MAP<VARCHAR(65533),VARCHAR(65533)>

Anyway, starrocks map support seems really bad, all kind of weird stuff.

The above works when you do a select, but it errors out when the same is used in ETL during load.

Does anyone have the similar map experience? Overall impression is starrocks really not work well with map data type at all.


StarRocks is still a work in progress. It’s easier if you generate a parquet without map. You can also try sling.

Also if you want this map issue fixed, I would open a github issue and give data on how to replicate the use case.