Error SSL CA for SELECT data S3

Hi guys, I’m having a problem doing a SELECT on a parquet file in an AWS bucket. I’ve already made all the possible settings that I understood from the documentation but without success so far.
I’m using StarRocks-3.2.8.

Here’s the SQL:
“path” = “s3://xxxxxxxxx/todos/parquet/202406/data.parquet”,
“format” = “parquet”,
“enable_recursive_listing” = “false”,
“aws.s3.use_aws_sdk_default_behavior” = “true”,
“aws.s3.enable_ssl” = “false”,
“aws.s3.region” = “us-east-1”,
“aws.s3.access_key” = “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“aws.s3.secret_key” = “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”,
“aws.s3.enable_path_style_access” = “false”,
“replication_num” = “2”
) LIMIT 10;

The error follows:
ERROR 1064 (HY000): Access storage error. Error message: failed to get file schema, path: s3://xxxxxxxxx/todos/parquet/202406/*, error: [Init parquet reader fail. IOError: BE access S3 file failed, SdkResponseCode=-1, SdkErrorType=99, SdkErrorMessage=curlCode: 77, Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?), filename: s3://dsw-produto-batidas/todos /parquet/202406/data.parquet]

Have this issue fixed? You should set use_aws_sdk_default_behavior=false if not in the K8S