Starrocks does not support map in asynchronous mv?

I can:
select dim_map1, dim2, count() from table1 group by dim_map1, dim2
I can insert into:
insert into table2 select dim_map1, dim2, count(
) from table1 group by dim_map1, dim2

But, If I define async MV with map data type as a dimension, creation succeeded, but refresh does not work.

Error msg like:
error-msg : order by type MAP<VARCHAR(65533), VARCHAR(65533)> is not supported backend

It is so silly why it does not support map data type in MV, why it succeeds in the creation? I feel I might miss something, can anyone confirm map is not supported in MV?

Thanks for your time and appreciate your help!!

I think group by/order by map type is not supported

Thanks for the confirmation.

What version are you running? Also if you’d like it supported, can you create a github issue?