Guide: All the data we need to help with debugging / troubleshooting a database issue

This guide outlines the information we need to diagnose and resolve issues with your StarRocks database. By providing detailed data, you’ll enable us to identify problems quickly and offer accurate solutions.

1. Architecture:

  • Deployment Option: Are you using the Linux binaries, the Kubernetes Operator, or the allin1 quickstart container? Understanding your deployment setup helps us tailor our diagnostic approach.

2. Files:

  • Logs:
    • If you encounter any errors, please gather the relevant logs:
      • FE Logs:
        • Create a tar/zip archive of all files in /data/deploy/starrocks/fe/log/
      • BE Logs:
        • Create a tar/zip archive of all files in /data/deploy/starrocks/be/log/
  • Additional Files:
    • Depending on the issue, we may need additional files like table definitions, configuration files, or query plans. We’ll specify these as needed.

3. Query Issues:

  • Schema and SQL Statement: If the issue involves queries, please provide your schema definition (table structure, data types, etc.) and SQL statement.
  • Workload Patterns: Describe the types of workload you’re running (e.g., aggregations, joins, reporting).
  • Query Analysis:
    • Goal: Briefly explain what you’re trying to achieve with the problematic query.
    • Query Profile: Please gather a query profile using the instructions at Query Profile Overview | StarRocks. This provides valuable insights into query execution and potential bottlenecks.

Additional Information:

  • Error Messages: Include any specific error messages or warnings you encounter.
  • Version: Mention the StarRocks version you’re using.
  • Environment: Briefly describe your hardware and software environment (e.g., number of nodes, operating system, etc.).

The More You Share, the Faster We Resolve!

By providing this information, you significantly enhance our ability to understand your issue and deliver efficient solutions. Remember, clear and detailed communication is key to a successful diagnosis and resolution. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions or need further clarification on what data to provide.

We’re here to help you get the most out of your StarRocks database!