Quickstart for dbt Core from a manual install for StarRocks

(dbt-env) atwong@Albert-CelerData ~ % dbt  --version
  - installed: 1.6.2
  - latest:    1.7.7 - Update available!

  Your version of dbt-core is out of date!
  You can find instructions for upgrading here:

  - starrocks: 1.4.2 - Not compatible!

  At least one plugin is out of date or incompatible with dbt-core.
  You can find instructions for upgrading here:

(dbt-env) atwong@Albert-CelerData ~ % cd sandbox
(dbt-env) atwong@Albert-CelerData sandbox % git clone https://github.com/alberttwong/dbt-tutorial.git
Cloning into 'dbt-tutorial'...
warning: You appear to have cloned an empty repository.
(dbt-env) atwong@Albert-CelerData sandbox % cd dbt-tutorial
(dbt-env) atwong@Albert-CelerData dbt-tutorial % dbt init jaffle_shop
23:45:02  Running with dbt=1.6.2
23:45:02  [ConfigFolderDirectory]: Unable to parse dict {'dir': PosixPath('/Users/atwong/.dbt')}
23:45:02  Creating dbt configuration folder at
Your new dbt project "jaffle_shop" was created!

For more information on how to configure the profiles.yml file,
please consult the dbt documentation here:


One more thing:

Need help? Don't hesitate to reach out to us via GitHub issues or on Slack:


Happy modeling!

23:45:02  Setting up your profile.
Which database would you like to use?
[1] starrocks

(Don't see the one you want? https://docs.getdbt.com/docs/available-adapters)

Enter a number: 1
host (hostname for the instance): localhost
port [9030]:
schema (default schema that dbt will build objects in):
schema (default schema that dbt will build objects in): testing
username (username): root
password (password) []:
23:46:17  Profile jaffle_shop written to /Users/atwong/.dbt/profiles.yml using target's profile_template.yml and your supplied values. Run 'dbt debug' to validate the connection.
(dbt-env) atwong@Albert-CelerData jaffle_shop % dbt debug
23:49:50  Running with dbt=1.6.2
23:49:50  dbt version: 1.6.2
23:49:50  python version: 3.9.16
23:49:50  python path: /Users/atwong/dbt-env/bin/python
23:49:50  os info: macOS-14.3.1-arm64-arm-64bit
23:49:50  Using profiles dir at /Users/atwong/.dbt
23:49:50  Using profiles.yml file at /Users/atwong/.dbt/profiles.yml
23:49:50  Using dbt_project.yml file at /Users/atwong/sandbox/dbt-tutorial/jaffle_shop/dbt_project.yml
23:49:50  adapter type: starrocks
23:49:50  adapter version: 1.4.2
23:49:50  Configuration:
23:49:50    profiles.yml file [OK found and valid]
23:49:50    dbt_project.yml file [OK found and valid]
23:49:50  Required dependencies:
23:49:50   - git [OK found]

23:49:50  Connection:
23:49:50    host: localhost
23:49:50    port: 9030
23:49:50    schema: testing
23:49:50    catalog: default_catalog
23:49:50    username: root
23:49:50  Registered adapter: starrocks=1.4.2
23:49:50    Connection test: [OK connection ok]

23:49:50  All checks passed!