Picking the optimal data loading methodology

Favorite way: use sling from Sling Data. Allows you to import from many databases or storage into StarRocks. StarRocks - Sling Docs

Now let’s talk about the different import methods StarRocks offers. Got local CSV or JSON files? Use the stream load method to bring them in. HDFS files? No problem, Broker Load’s got you covered. What about Kafka text or json files? Routine Load and StarRocks Kafka Connector is your friend. And if you have large-scale files with a Spark cluster, consider using SparkLoad to import data. Got data in Apache Iceberg, Apache Hive or Apache Hudi, connect to that external catalog and then use the select and insert method. But that’s not all. StarRocks even allows for setting up external tables, and you can store external table data in StarRocks using the Insert into select method. This can even import MySQL tables into StarRock.