Having problems using starrocks operator

Using kube-starrocks 1.9.2 with kubernetes 1.23. My helm values:

FE doesn’t want to start at all it just crashes constantly. Logs:

Can anyone help?

Did you run vanilla first? I would imagine latest version of everything?

Without branch-3.2 tag? It’s basically the same. I was using branch-3.2 to test if anything is better and because there is at least one known bug [Enhancement] dealing with the case when proc-num is set by unlimited… · StarRocks/starrocks@201d968 · GitHub that is not yet fixed in anything that is released and is affecting me.
Worth noting is I’m using 3 replicas but only one (the first one) pod is trying to start.

there must be something different with your environment. The operator is like 95%+ of all our installs. You’re going to have to list out your environment, any modifications, etc etc.

I was able to track it down. For some reason FE didn’t like contents of JAVA_OPTS_FOR_JDK_11 variable. After changing it it boots now!

What additional parameters did you put in?