Can StarRocks automatically process and calculate data warehouse upper layers? // StarRocks 数仓上层能否自动计算?

StarRocks version

  • StarRocks v-3.2

Hello folks,

I am trying out StarRocks to build a data warehouse. The data warehouse is devided into five layers from top to buttom: ADS, DWS, DWD, ODS, DIM. I am wondering if StarRocks can automatically recalculate or renew the upper levels once the lower levels changed (i.e. ingested new data)?

我在尝试使用 StarRocks 搭建数仓。数仓分为ADS, DWS, DWD, ODS, DIM五层。请问StarRocks是否有相关操作,在下层有数据upsert的时候,使上层能感知到并自动重新计算?

There is a refresh process for materialized views. Read more about it in our docs.