Can I use a Hive External Catalog and have Apache Iceberg, Apache Hudi, and Apache Hive tables in it?

More background on the issue:

- db1
- db2
-- hive table
-- hudi table
-- iceberg table


CREATE EXTERNAL CATALOG `ft_datalake_no_cache`
PROPERTIES ("aws.glue.use_aws_sdk_default_behavior"  =  "true",
"hive.metastore.type"  =  "glue",
"enable_remote_file_cache"  =  "false",
"aws.s3.region"  =  "us-west-2",
"aws.glue.region"  =  "us-west-2",
"type"  =  "hive",
"aws.s3.use_aws_sdk_default_behavior"  =  "true",
"enable_metastore_cache"  =  "false"

Answer: Before 3.2, you cannot use a external ( hive catalog ) for hive, hudi, and iceberg. The “type” has to be “iceberg” or “hudi” specific. In other words; iceberg table needs to be queried under iceberg catalog. Using 3.2, there is a new feature called unified catalog that allows you to have iceberg, hudi and others under the same catalog.